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I'm coming back to Seattle for my favorite show, in the exact same spot as last year, table A-3, south hall. I think they're installing a plaque to mark the spot. Joining me again is frequent collaborator Mechangel2000(Diana Greenhalgh). See you there.
I'll be at Comikaze at table L-03, alongside :iconmechangel2002:
I'll be at LBCC this weekend, Artist Alley table L3, debuting my new Deadpool print along with all my other junk.
I'm making my first appearance at Emerald City Comic Con, at table A-03 in Artist Alley. Just look for the huge line between Mike Mignola and Geoff Darrow, then you're close.
Feb 28 - March 1, Artist Alley, table M1.
My page seems to be blowing up the last few days, must be something to do with Suicide Squad. Feel free to follow my Facebook fanpage here:
I'll be making a rare appearance at LBCC, Sept 27 & 28, at table AA 1603. Use the code "labor" to get 25% off on all items, including original art.

Come home to find Blond hanging in your living room!
Anybody unable to come see me at shows can now buy my original prints through my new Storenvy site.
I'll be in Artist Alley, table D5, with lots of never-before-seen-in-Arizona prints.
F*cking art thieves.
If you play the iPad version of Injustice: Gods Among Us, feel free to add me to your alliance at "Blond TheColorist"
My favorite little show. I'll be at table 1608 this weekend.
I'll be at the Comikaze Expo in LA this weekend, although probably just Saturday & Sunday.
My favorite show! I'll be at table 2142. You can even buy my sweet Ghost Rider banner.
I'll be at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach around noon. Free shrugs!
Since you asked, I'll be appearing at the following shows in the near future.

Wondercon, March 29-31. That's THIS weekend! Table A-64 in AA. Not that AA, the other kind. Artist Alley. I'm still in denial about the other AA. Your last chance to bitch at me about Starfire, don't miss it!

C2E2, April 26-28, table B-11. My first appearance! Expectations are high, don't disappoint me, Chicago.

Long Beach Comic Expo, possibly.

Phoenix Comicon, most probably.

San Diego...ugh, again.

More updates when the future arrives, and the distant future becomes near again. Remind me yesterday.
Im at table C20 in AA at AACC. Just remember it like this, See? 20!